in house

traditional or vintage?

Your choices are more than you expected and our suggestions will help you to have finally the result you wish. Venues that will host your guests for having moments engraved in your memory, that will be full of dance, amazing pictures and delicious food.


“Ethnic” (Floor Plan) lounge space will give an unusual touch in your wedding reception reflecting your own unique style, in case you have dreamed of a romantic reception with panoramic view to the pool and a few special guests, up to 100.

As for the traditional lovers, the external venue of a la carte restaurant “Lemoni” (Floor Plan), is really ideal if you have chosen a marriage with a lot of guests, up to 200.

Experienced staff and high quality of gourmet or Greek cuisine will definitely exceed your expectations. Scents of the flowers and the special aura will bring memories back of the most wonderful marriage, your marriage!